Defining Inclusion, Equity, & Diversity (IED)

At Raleigh Metro SHRM, inclusion, equity, and diversity are core values that drive decision-making, resource allocation, and member engagement.  We are committed to supporting human resource professionals in removing barriers to inclusion to create a culture of belonging within their organizations.

What do we mean by DEI at Raleigh Metro?

  • Inclusion – Inclusion refers to the intentional and conscious efforts, behaviors, policies, and norms that make every person with their unique differences feel seen, heard, respected and valued within a structure or group.
  • Equity – Equity is not the same as equality. Equality gives everyone the same resources or opportunities. Equity recognizes each individual’s differences and provides opportunity, treatment, and access to resources based on their individualized and structural barriers.  Equity is not the same as equality.
  • Diversity – Diversity refers to the differences in social, racial, cultural, socioeconomic backgrounds, geographical locations, age, interests, physical and mental abilities, etc., that make individuals unique.
  • Belonging – Belonging is an internal feeling that an individual has when they are able to be themselves and feel valued and accepted for who they are.  Their diverse thoughts, feelings, and perspectives are valued in the organization.
  • Access – Access is the design, construction, development, and maintenance of facilities, information, communications, programs, and services so that people, including people with disabilities, can fully and independently use them.
  • Privilege – Privilege refers to the certain social advantages, benefits, or degrees of prestige and respect that an individual has by virtue of belonging to certain social identity group of people who have historically occupied positions of dominance of others.
  • Intersectionality – Intersectionality recognizes that a person’s identity can contain multiple factors therefore, an individual can occupy more than one underrepresented group at a time, which can create further experiences of disadvantage, exclusion, and oppression.
  • Allyship – Allyship in the workplace means using your personal privilege and influence to support and amplify the voices and experiences of their underrepresented colleagues.
  • Microaggression – Microaggression is a term used for commonplace verbal, behavioral, or environmental slights, whether intentional or unintentional, that communicate hostile, derogatory, or negative attitudes toward stigmatized or culturally marginalized groups, that are typically based on harmful stereotypes and personal biases.


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