Past-President Hall of Fame

Our chapter has a history of strong leadership. Past presidents have led our growth from a new, small organization to the mega chapter of over 500 that we are today. They have provided guidance, inspiration, leadership, value and support before, during and long after serving as a president of our chapter. Without these leaders of yesterday we would not have the active and thriving organization of today. In recognition, we provide the Past-President Hall of Fame.

On behalf of the current Board of Directors, we extend our sincerest gratitude to each of our past leaders!

1969     Bob Beasley

1970     Robert Shoffner

1971     Norris Thurston

1972-73 James M. Olsen

1974     Ray Deltz

1975     Donald Hart

1976     Frank Rawley

1977     Jerry White

1978     Houston Black

1979     Tom McCutcheon

1980     Bob Elder

1981     Anne Seymour

1982     Roger Honeycutt, SPHR

1983     Ann Willson, SPHR

1984     Bob McClain

1984     Glenn Pritchett, PHR

1985     Paulette Richardson, SPHR

1986     Dick Peoples

1987     Joe Powell, PHR

1988     Thomas Manley

1989     Annette Holesh, SPHR

1990     Maggie Fishburne, CCP/SPHR

1991     John Nottingham, PHR

1992     Al Ragland

1993     Luana Queen, SPHR

1994      Virginia Hall

1995      Jan Sharp, SPHR

1996-97  Valerie Edson, SPHR

1998      Kristy Eubank, SPHR

1999      Vicky Dean, SPHR

2000      Vickie Price, SPHR

2001      Kathy Hall, SPHR

2002      Christine Vion-Gillespie, SPHR

2003      Paul Wasylkevych, SPHR

2004      Rose Spitzer, SPHR

2005      Christy Crumpler, PHR

2006      Terry Bradley, SPHR

2007      Amy Hoover, SPHR

2008      Janny Flynt, SPHR

2009      Kim Mills, PHR

2010      Mike Owen, SPHR

2011      Jeff Luttrell, SPHR

2012     Teri Harrell, SPHR

2013     Shontera Gillespie-Coleman, SPHR

2014     Christin Johnson, PHR

2015     Molly Lukes, PHR

2016     John Herath

2017     Christy Kim

2018     Will Barfield

2019     Rachel Erpenbach, SPHR, SHRM-SCP

2020     Derrick Krueger

2021     Catherine Bullock

2022     Kimberly Rogov, MHR, SHRM-SCP, SPHR

2023     Alyssa Queen, GBA