Established in 1954, Raleigh Metro SHRM (RMSHRM), formerly known as Raleigh-Wake HR Management Association, is the leading HR association in North Carolina. RMSHRM’s missions to elevate and connect the local HR profession. Our board and programs we offer further Raleigh Metro SHRM’s commitment to our mission, vision, and values.


To elevate and connect the local HR profession.


To be recognized as essential to the success of our businesses and communities.


We strive for excellence, honor our commitments and make decisions in the best interests of our members.

We are committed to advancing the HR profession and serving the HR professional.

We broaden networks, build friendships and foster a sense of community.

We share our skills, talents and abilities to benefit the communities in which we live and work.







Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

RMSHRM seeks to leverage diversity and create a culture of inclusion that fosters and recognizes all unique talents and contributions of its members. We are committed to educating and empowering our members and community leaders on how the benefits of diversity and inclusion can positively impact all aspects of life, including the workplace. We are committed to the following principles:

  • Recognize and respect all manifestations of diversity
  • Educate ourselves and our colleagues on cultural awareness
  • Commit to social justice and equality
  • Deliver resources that support a workplace culture of diversity

We are proud to be a 100% Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). This means that every member of our Chapter is also a member of SHRM. This distinction shows the commitment of our members to the Human Resource profession.